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With the Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd, as a general manufacturer of nonferrous metals, has been accumulating various technologies in both hardware and software fields.
Mitsui has realized a stable supply of a number of material including base metals - requisite basic materials - such as zinc, lead, and copper. Their expertise in these basic metals has allowed to produce quality electronic materials.
As for copper foil, among other material, Mitsui has been able to provide products of the world's highest quality and quantity. With Japan as the technological base, Mitsui has established production bases in the USA, Europe, Taiwan, and Malaysia, satisfying the needs from the electronic industries in various areas in the world.
Copper foil - an essential electronic material. In order to further improve the quality and acquire recognition from customers, Mitsui Mining & Smelting will continue to make every effort for accumulation and utilization of the Material intelligence.

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