Developing, Etching & Stripping Machine

TCM was established as the maker for PCB manufacturing equipments more than thirty years ago, and has since advanced along with the progress of electronics.
The more complicated and highly information-oriented today society has an impact constantly on TCM, and various needs of users require the more positive correspondence of TCM.
TCM, aiming at applicable technology on common points during developing PCB equipments for the process of developing, etching, and removing, spreads the creative territory to fields of BGA, CSP, LCD, and PDP on basis of accumulated technology and achievements.

High Performance & High Quality Products
Systematized lines with Abundant Variations

For Industrial use PCB

Etching line for inner layer

60 m glass/epoxy, 50m polyimide sheet flexible

Etching line for outer layer ELO-CHEM alkaline etchant regeneration system made in Cermany leading to great cost-down
ED process line           ED processing, developer, etcher, remover for ED
Desmear processing line   Holizontal conveyerized
Electroless plating line     Holizontal conveyerized
Photo-sensitive solder resist developer           

Accurate solution make-up system and automatic solution supply system

Black oxide processing line Holizontal conveyerized
 PCB Sotf Ething Pretreatment Line                  
Half Etching system
Small Hole Cleaner
Fully automated PCB Processing line From loading to unloaling

For consumer type PCB

Automated etching line for single side PCB 10m/mim line speed from loading to unloading
Automated etching line for non-thruhole double side PCB 10m/mim line speed from loading to unloading responding to silver thruhole
Etching line for flexible PCB Roll to roll system for pretreatment, developing, etching, stripping
Reel to Reel TUB Etching Line

For LCD processing

Developer for liquid crystal color filter Available for both non-organic and organic solution
Scrubber for licuid crystal color filter For creaning in all processes, dust eliminating, and high yield

For PDP processing

PDP developer Available for 100 class
 PDP PDP etcher Available for 100 class
PDP stripper Available for transparent electrode and rib

For PBGA processing

CSP Developing, etching, and stripping
BGA Developing, etching, and stripping
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