High-performance, functional materials are essential for electronics production, and for the continuing advance of the electronics industry. Asahi Kasei is a world leader in the development and production of dry film photoresists for printed circuit boards, polyimide resins for semiconductor coatings, and other advanced materials for electronics production.
These photosensitive resins and films are the core products of the electronics material business of Asahi Kasei, made possible by many years at the leading edge of research, development, and technology, for advanced polymer and petrochemical products and production.
SUNFORT (Dry Film Resist)
Sunfort is a polyacrylic-based dry film photoresist for printed circuit board requirements for higher-performance, highr value-added printed circuit boards. It is backed by full technical support, analysis, and product development directed to meeting the specific needs and goals of the customer.
Lamination Equipment
AQ - Defoamer 101,202,203
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